Uncategorized May 23, 2022

Tips for Preparing for an Open House

You’ve decided to sell your home!

When selling, it’s important to look at your home from a different set of eyes……..the buyer’s eye’s.

The checklist below will help provide you with some insight and direction on how to get the most money and quickest sale for your home by making minor adjustments and repairs.

Tidy up!

When a home appears cluttered, buyers can’t “see” the home or it’s potential. By storing items you don’t need or use, , your home will feel more inviting to potential buyers. When selling a home, less is more!

  • The exterior – mow the lawn, trim the shrubs, rake leaves, pull weeds, dispose of dead plants, etc. CURB APPEAL
  • The kitchen- Clear extra gadgets from countertops, remove everything from refrigerator, clear away papers & mail that may have accumulated on countertops, clear sink, stove and countertops of all dishes, pots & pans
  • The bathrooms – remove any unnecessary items from countertops, organize closets, medicine cabinets, etc
  • The living areas – rearrange furniture; discard worn out furniture and store extra pieces
  • The bedrooms – straighten children’s play areas (store extra toys). Remove extra furniture and rearrange to define areas. Make closets more appealing by storing seasonal clothes elsewhere
  • The basement & garage – organize all areas and box up and store or dispose of any unnecessary items

Clean up!

A clean home gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Strive to make our home visually and aromatically appealing. Remember: Paint in the can is worth $20, but it’s worth $1,000 on the wall!

  • The exterior – wash windows (inside & out), sweep sidewalks & driveway
  • The kitchen- wipe down cabinets & polish sink, clean appliances (in & out), wash floors, air out garbage area with deodorizer
  • The bathrooms – Clean toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and make sure they are mold free. Polish mirrors and fixtures. Wash floors.
  • The living areas – clean and deodorize all carpet, spot clean where necessary, wash floors. Polish furniture. Wipe down lighting fixtures, wash window treatments
  • The bedrooms – clean and deodorize all carpet, spot clean where necessary, wash floors. Polish furniture. Wipe down lighting fixtures, wash window treatments
  • The basement & garage – sweep & clean floors, remove cobwebs, wash windows (in & out)

Patch Up!

Minor repairs often become major stumbling blocks for potential buyers. Take away those distractions by fixing minor issues before they become major.

  • The exterior – repair major cracks in driveway & sidewalks, repair roof shingles, shutters, gutters, siding, fencing, doors & windows
  • The kitchen- repair any faucet/sink leaks, repair any broken appliances, repair any non-working cabinets or drawers, patch & paint walls and ceilings if needed
  • The bathrooms – repair any faucet, sink or toilet leaks. Caulk and grout tile, if necessary. Patch and paint walls & ceiling as needed.
  • The living room – patch and paint walls and ceilings if necessary
  • The bedroom – patch and paint walls and ceilings if necessary
  • The basement & garage – make sure furnace, A/C and hot water heaters are in working order

The finishing touch!

The little “extras” make a home feel special. Remember, your home is competing with others in your neighborhood. Make your home stand out!

  • The exterior – add a doormat to the entrance, potted or hanging plant, and new house numbers
  • The kitchen- add a new throw rug, add a plant
  • The bathrooms – add a scented candle, towels and accessories, and a new shower curtain.
  • The living room – display linens on table. Add fresh flowers, potpourri or a scented candle. Add lamps if the room is too dark
  • The bedrooms- add decorative pillows to beds and a plant

Here comes buyer!

Before each showing, be sure to complete these last minute touches to make sure your home stands out and looks great.


  1. Pick up after pets
  2. Pick up lawn tools, toys, etc. lying around the yard
  3. Clear driveway and walk areas


  1. Open curtains for daytime showings and close curtains for nighttime showings
  2. Open windows to “freshen up” your home
  3. Do a quick tidy up
  4. Play instrumental music
  5. Burn a candle in the kitchen and in the living room